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Race Result

Place Driver Fantasy
Picked By
1 Lewis Hamilton 25 89TurboTA, 4BktVet, dahlio, WylieWayne, HotRod, brickyard, SuperBestFriends, docsue
2 Kimi Räikkönen 18 Jimbo, graham, matbarlow, Danifrog, scuderiateocalli, 4BktVet, WylieWayne, HotRod, Pattermeister, brickyard, TurboBoy, TurboGirl, Ketchup, docsue
3 Sebastian Vettel 15 Jimbo, 89TurboTA, graham, matbarlow, Danifrog, scuderiateocalli, 4BktVet, dahlio, HotRod, Pattermeister, TurboBoy, TurboGirl, Ketchup, SuperBestFriends, docsue, isthisindycar, F1Champ
4 Mark Webber 12 isthisindycar
5 Fernando Alonso 10 Jimbo, 89TurboTA, graham, matbarlow, Danifrog, scuderiateocalli, dahlio, WylieWayne, Pattermeister, brickyard, TurboBoy, Ketchup, isthisindycar, F1Champ
6 Romain Grosjean 8 ------
7 Jenson Button 6 ------
8 Felipe Massa 4 ------
9 Sergio Perez 2 TurboGirl
10 Pastor Maldonado 1 ------
[results kindly entered by graham]

Out of the points

Place Driver Picked By
? Charles Pic Dinkledorph
? Giedo van der Garde Dinkledorph
? Max Chilton Dinkledorph
? Nico Rosberg SuperBestFriends, F1Champ

Fantasy Points awarded for this Race

Player Points
docsue 58
HotRod 58
4BktVet 58
brickyard 53
WylieWayne 53
dahlio 50
89TurboTA 50
graham 43
matbarlow 43
Jimbo 43
Danifrog 43
scuderiateocalli 43
TurboBoy 43
Pattermeister 43
Ketchup 43
SuperBestFriends 40
isthisindycar 37
TurboGirl 35
F1Champ 25
Dinkledorph 0
303jimp 0

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